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Homeowners, landlords, tenants: Are you experiencing problems with damp or ugly wet patches in your home, spoiling the decoration? Before you start spending money on remedies and redecorating why not have the professional opinion of Stone Oak Limited. Stone Oak have been in business for over 30 years. Inspections on properties that have damp issues, water ingress, water penetration, salt contamination, rising damp or condensation. Why not let us determine the cause of your problem and allow us to recommend any remedial works together with costings.

There are many types of wood boring insects which go by the name of weevils, powder post beetle, carpet beetles etc. The common woodworm type beetle resembles a small ladybird.
Chimney Refurb
We usually forget about maintenance to chimney stacks until we we notice damp patches or have a problem with water ingress or a damp chimney breast.
Cavity Wallt Ties
We do undertake cavity wall tie inspections and by using an endoscope will check the cavity of a property for the existence and condition of cavity wall ties.
Site Inspection
For a reasonable fee, an inspection/visit can be arranged for us to undertake a damp & timber inspection to the property you are considering buying or selling.
Wet & Dry Rot
Although similar on first glance there is a distinct difference between wet rot and dry rot. In order to establish itself and grow, wet rot requires an area with higher moisture content.
Rising Damp
Ugly patches appearing on the wall? A musty Smell? These conditions usually indicate a problem with rising damp, penetrating damp, water ingress, salt contamination or condensation.
Damp Proofing
We use a simple and effective system of damp proofing in Burnley and have used this is many homes in and around the area which is known for its old houses and damp problems.
If you have a problem with damp or water ingress to the lower foundations of your property and you are the homeowner who lives in the property we can carry out a free inspection for you.

Damp & Timber


As specialist in Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans), Wet Rot (Coniophora puteana) and   mycelium (fungus) together with woodworm (Annobium Punctatum) or weevil infestation and Condensation (Aspergilla Mould Growth) Stone Oak have the experience and knowledge of the treatments necessary to eradicate all of these conditions.

We are regularly asked to undertake damp & timber inspection for the purpose of buying and selling properties, providing landlord inspections for their tenanted property or requests from the general public who are experiencing problems within their own home.

Stone Oak work with many reputable estate agents, letting agents, councils, housing associations and building/construction companies and remedial specialist, providing an inspection and a report which will include costings of any remedial treatments recommended. There is an Inspection fee payable for this service and this can be given on request dependent on how large the property and where it is located. We also offer this service to all Estate Agents and Letting agents and will collect and drop off keys from the agent where necessary.

Our reports consist of findings, recommended treatments and costings of any remedial works Stone Oak can undertake. We aim to turn our reports around within 48 hours of our inspection. Reports are emailed and posted out to the clients with corresponding sketch plan of areas of concern if applicable. We outline in our reports what the treatments consist of and works to be undertaken. We do supply an information pack for any damp proofing work to be carried out.

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A diverse range of services coupled with our outstanding workmanship has helped us develop a fantastic reputation in the Lancashire area.