eradication of woodworm?

How do I know

Have I got Woodworm?

There are many types of wood boring insects which go by the name of weevils, powder post beetle, carpet beetles etc. The common woodworm type beetle resembles a ladybird but on a much smaller scale, woodworm do have wings.

You may first notice woodworm on a windowsill as they will be drawn to the daylight. The hole that the beetle leaves in the wood is called a flight hole.

It is cut by the beetle when it emerges from its pupal where it changed from a grub to a worm, A woodworm does not in fact eat the wood.

So, how do you tell if the woodworm is active or not? If the woodworm is still active there will be signs of droppings or frass, which looks like fine sawdust, around the affected area.

the next step

how can woodworm be treated?

Our knowledgeable staff will confirm an outbreak, advise on the treatment necessary and will provide a costing for the treatment. Even after treatment you may still spot the small invaders some time after as the treatment will continue working within the treated areas over time to eradicate the infestation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a site inspection. If you are a homeowner and live in the property, the inspection is free.

how to identify


Woodworm is a generic term for wood-boring insect, the most common of which is the Common Furniture Beetle. The Death Watch Beetle prefers older, more rotten woods and the Weevil has a diet of soft, damp woods. Longhorn Beetles are extremely rare in England but when found are generally in the South of the country. Treating wood-boring insects varies depending on the type of beetle but all methods essentially aim to interrupt their life cycle.

Furniture Beetle
Furniture Beetle
Death Watch Beetle
Death Watch Beetle
Longhorn Beetle
Longhorn Beetle
Death Watch Beetle
Death Watch Beetle
Damp Larve Beetle
Damp Larve Beetle

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