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Our specialist technicians have the expertise necessary to effectively treat the problem of wall tie failure.  Treatment will include drilling holes in the brickwork and isolating the existing wall ties to prevent further corrosion/damage.  The installation of new stainless steel wall ties will then be carried out and the holes will be filled to match the existing wall appearance.


The spacing of wall ties is laid down in building regulations and additional ties are used around window and door openings.

Failing Wall ties?

Wall tie solutions

We do undertake cavity wall tie inspections and by using an endoscope will check the cavity of a property for the existence and condition of cavity wall ties. Although we are not structural engineers we will liaise with qualified structural engineers to determine the solution to structural problems.

A report can be provided if you are buying or selling a property which requires a cavity wall inspection this can be carried out for an inspection fee.

Cavity Wall ties were traditionally made from galvanised steel, the fishtail tie being the most common.  On high quality works ties were occasionally made of bronze.  In the mid-twentieth century wire ties were widely used, again made from galvanised steel wire.  As time has passed many galvanised steel ties have deteriorated due to moisture in the outer leaf of brickwork.  This arises when the galvanising is not of sufficient quality and the outer leaf of the cavity wall allows water penetration, usually due to porous brick/blockwork.  If the tie rusts, the swelling effect may cause horizontal external cracks to appear in the wall.  The corrosion may force apart the cement joints and even result i the collapse of walls if no remedial action is taken.  Any cracks appearing in cavity walls dating from the twentieth century need to be investigated before irremediable damage ensues.

the next step

structural stitching

We have experience and have dealt with structural stitching within brickwork or stonework. Although we are not structural engineers we will again liaise with qualified structural engineers to determine the solution to structural problems.

We have undertaken stitching to numerous properties and the end result is a neat complete finish, almost as if the crack was never there.

Whether it is a suspect bulge to the exterior of the property within the wall or cracking causing separation of the brickwork, our knowledgeable staff can inspect and determine a solution.

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