if its not rising damp, what is it?

How do I know

Is it Condensation?

Many properties suffer from condensation which is caused by the living conditions of today.

The warm temperatures within our homes, the moisture given off by boiling kettles, simmering pans, wet washing, even the amount of people/pets inhabiting a house can add to condensation problems.

It is probably true to say that practically every home in Britain is susceptible to condensation and therefore Aspergilla Mould growth.

simple things to

avoid condensation

  • Limit moisture production in bathrooms, opening windows and keeping doors closed
  • Ensure each room can be ventilated adequately
  • Use background ventilation throughout
  • Avoid drying washing on radiators
  • Fit extractors in kitchens and bathroom
  • Use a dehumidifier frequently
  • Ensure tumble dryers and washing machines can be directly exhausted to the outside of the property
  • Avoid use of paraffin or bottled gas heaters (one litre of paraffin produces over one litre of water)
  • Anti-mould emulsion paints – Especially produced to combat condensation and mould problems

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